Unveiling the Secrets of Fine South Red Agate: Texture Matters!

Unveiling the Secrets of Fine South Red Agate: Texture Matters!

"NanHong Agate" can be translated as "South Red Agate," also known as "Chi Yu" in ancient times. It has a delicate and lustrous texture. It is a unique variety found only in China, with limited production. During the Qing Dynasty, particularly in the Qianlong era, the mining of old South Red Agate was nearly depleted, resulting in a sharp increase in its prices.

It should be noted that the term "South Red" specifically refers to the variety found in China. So-called African South Red Agate and Mongolian materials are not considered authentic South Red Agate; they are merely imitations.

The main producing regions of South Red Agate are Gansu, Yunnan, and Sichuan.

At Yi Shun Yuan, the distributed South Red Agate primarily comes from Wasinan Red and Baoshan Red.

In the industry, South Red Agate is classified into various colors, including 锦红 (Jinhong), 柿子红 (Shizihong), 玫瑰红 (Meiguihong), 樱桃红 (Yingtaohong), 冰红料 (Binghongliao) or 琥珀料 (Hupoliao), 火焰红 (Huoyan Hong) or 朱砂红 (Zhushahong), 冰飘料 (Bingpiaoliao), 红白料 (Hongbailiao), 缟红料 (Gaohongliao), 水红料 (Shuihongliao), and 柿子黄 (Shizihuang).

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To summarize the important criteria for identifying good quality South Red Agate in sixteen characters:

  1. "Like solidified fat": Describes the moisturizing and soft feeling when touched.
  2. "Intriguing luster": The luster of Nanhong Agate is contained within and not overly bright.
  3. "Thick and warm": Refers to its semi-translucent to slightly translucent texture and luster.
  4. "Solid and dense structure": The stone has a solid and fine structure, not easily scratched.
  5. "Classification by age": Old Nanhong Agate refers to those mined in the past, usually of higher quality but may have less perfect shapes. New Nanhong Agate benefits from advanced craftsmanship.

These are some insights on South Red Agate. The South Red products offered by "Yi Shun Yuan" are blessed. Regardless of where you are in the world, once you establish a connection, it will bring you auspiciousness, peace, and joy. May you have a harmonious and auspicious day.