The efficacy and function of blood amber and the taboos of wearing it

The efficacy and function of blood amber and the taboos of wearing it

What is blood amber?

Blood amber is a variety of amber. The most valuable among blood ambers is natural unoptimized blood amber. Blood amber is deeply loved by amber enthusiasts for its bright red color, full of passion and festive tones. The output of blood amber is rare, and blood amber is rare. The conditions for the formation of amber are very demanding. When ancient resin is buried underground, the surrounding temperature needs to be maintained stably at around 80 degrees Celsius for a long time (this temperature can allow the amber to oxidize without melting it. The temperature is too low If the temperature is too high, the amber will be scorched and melted), and it will take tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years to oxidize into blood amber.

Among the blood amber jewelry, it is transparent and the best among natural blood ambers. Most natural blood amber contains impurities, and truly transparent blood amber is very rare. Players call the truly pure and clear blood amber "pure water". All the blood amber items sold by Yishunyuan Foyin Pavilion are water-purifying blood amber and are produced in Mexico. Here are some pictures of the water-purifying blood amber items sold by Yishunyuan Foyin Pavilion so that you can To see and understand it more intuitively, please don’t copy or borrow it, thank you all.

The efficacy and function of blood amber

1. The health-preserving effects of blood amber. As an organic gemstone, blood amber is rich in trace elements. Blood amber jewelry is often worn and rubbed against the human skin. It can absorb these trace elements and play a role in health care for the human body, especially for blood circulation. This has It has a very good curative effect, helping to smoothen Qi and blood. When Qi and blood are better, the complexion will naturally improve, and the mental state will also improve.

2. The collection value of blood amber. The quantity of natural blood amber is very rare, and the output is not high. Especially due to the influence of the formation environment, high-quality blood amber is even rarer. As the saying goes, "Things are rare and valuable", high-quality water-purifying blood amber naturally has extremely high collection value.

Taboos on wearing blood amber

1. The hardness of blood amber is low, so when wearing or playing with it, you should pay attention to bumps and avoid direct collisions with hard and sharp objects, or falling from high places, which may cause scratches and damage.

2. Blood amber is an organic gemstone. Therefore, it should be kept away from organic solutions containing chemical components, such as shampoo, shower gel, hand soap, laundry detergent and other daily washing products to avoid corrosion.

3. The melting point of blood amber is very low. Therefore, it should be kept away from high temperatures and fire sources. For example, do not expose it to the sun, and do not approach fires, hot pots, barbecues, etc.

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