Cinnabar Bracelet & Ornament

Cinnabar Bracelet & Ornament


    Cinnabar Bracelet possesses potent healing properties as a stone, facilitating the elimination of negativity and guiding individuals towards their inner truth. As a crystal associated with the Base chakra, it assists in dispelling fears and insecurities, allowing one to embrace the present moment. Moreover, it has a reputation for amplifying spiritual insights and supporting transformative journeys embarked upon by individuals.

    Cinnabar Bracelet holds remarkable capabilities for grounding and purifying, empowering individuals to reassess their lives and establish fresh aspirations. Cinnabar is revered as a stone of abundance and prosperity. Particularly beneficial during career transitions or pivotal decision-making moments, it boosts self-confidence and fosters self-belief, aiding individuals in making sound choices.


    Our cinnabar bracelets are available in two distinct styles: the classic beaded design and the modern round bar shape. Both styles highlight the vibrant red hue and remarkable detail of hand-carved cinnabar, ensuring that each bracelet is a unique work of art, and each piece showcases the enchanting beauty and profound symbolism of Chinese culture. Adorned with intricate animal motifs such as the auspicious Pixiu and the powerful Lion, these bracelets represent prosperity, protection, and luck.

    Meticulously crafted using high-quality cinnabar, our bracelets feature animal symbols that are deeply rooted in Chinese mythology and tradition. The Pixiu, a mythical creature known to attract wealth and ward off negative energies, is paired with the Lion, a symbol of courage and authority, to create a harmonious balance of power and prosperity.

    Whether you are drawn to the timeless elegance of the beaded design or the contemporary appeal of the round bar shape, our cinnabar bracelets make an exquisite addition to any jewelry collection. They also serve as thoughtful gifts, embodying the wearer's appreciation for the rich heritage and spiritual depth of Chinese culture.

    Explore the alluring charm and symbolic significance of our cinnabar animal-themed bracelets at Yi Shun Yuan, and embrace the ancient wisdom and artistry that make each piece a captivating treasure.