Production of Dehua ceramic Buddha statues

Production of Dehua ceramic Buddha statues

Chinese Buddhism came to China at the end of the Western Han Dynasty, but the creation of Buddha statues only began in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. The thirty-two characteristics and eighty good qualities in Buddhism are the common characteristics of all Buddhas, and it is really impossible to distinguish them based on their appearance alone. The sculptors had no choice but to use different symbols to create various statues based on the classics. In particular, there are strict regulations on the gestures of the statue. You only need to look at the position of the hands, the flexion and extension of the fingers, the objects held and the clothes worn to identify whether the statue is Sakyamuni Buddha, Amitabha, Medicine Buddha or Earth. Zang Bodhisattva and other Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.

Among the holy statues of Buddha, there are many kinds: standing statues, seated statues, lying statues, flying statues, etc. It can be said that each style contains its profound meaning and symbolizes the spirit and holy character of the Buddha. The flying statue among them is a statue of Buddha flying in the air. There are two upright statues standing side by side, one foot is stretched forward, and there is an upright statue with the center of gravity on the front foot, which symbolizes that he is busy teaching and shows that the Buddha is full of infinite enthusiasm for the truth of the universe and life that he has experienced. Although it is a meritorious deed A perfect Buddha will serve all sentient beings with truth all day long. Some stand with their hands down to welcome all living beings. In addition, the sitting statue often represents the state of entering concentration, preaching sermons, or conquering demons and attaining enlightenment, which is a state of self-reliance. The sitting statues include the sitting lotus posture, the half lotus posture, the leaning posture, the half lotus posture, the squatting posture, the kneeling posture, the cross-legged posture, etc.

The white porcelain Buddha statues sold by Yishunyuan Foyin Pavilion are all produced by Dehua ceramics. They began in the Neolithic Age, flourished in the Tang and Song Dynasties, flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and developed in the contemporary era. Dehua porcelain sculptures began in the Song Dynasty and have never been discontinued, forming a unique traditional craft. One is to use high-quality kaolin to directly shape the sculpture, and the other is to turn the clay sculpture into a mold and then grout or rub it into shape. It is decided whether to glaze or not according to the needs, and then it is fired in a kiln at a high temperature of more than 1,000 degrees. Its kneading technology is exquisite and delicate, and its shape is lifelike. In its carvings and relief decorations, the beauty of craftsmanship and the beauty of materials are integrated, showing the temperament of a famous kiln. Especially the white porcelain products have distinct shades and rich layers, and the glaze is milky white and translucent. The degree is excellent. Dehua ceramics have always been an important export product of China's trade. They are world-renowned along with silk and tea, and are known as "Treasures of Oriental Art".

The following are the various appearances of Guanyin Bodhisattva. All pictures are products sold by Yishunyuan Foyin Pavilion. Please do not copy or borrow them. Thank you everyone🙏

So how can we identify good white porcelain craftsmanship?
First, look at the quality of the porcelain clay. If the porcelain clay is white, the whiter and moister the fired porcelain will be. Second, look at the glaze. The whiter the glaze, the more transparent it is, and the porcelain will be whiter and moister. Third, look at the temperature. The higher the temperature during firing, when it reaches about 1280℃, the porcelain will be whiter, warmer and jade-like, durable and will not change color.

The above is an introduction to the categories of Buddha statues in Yishunyuan Foyin Pavilion. May all living beings in the world be equal, may light and love fill the world🙏May everyone be blessed, safe and happy🙏