Let’s explore the difference between jade and jade and the benefits and effects of wearing jade

Let’s explore the difference between jade and jade and the benefits and effects of wearing jade
Professionally speaking, "jade" is a general term. Jade includes: Hotan jade, jade, nephrite, Dushan jade, Huanglong jade, agate, water foam jade, etc., and jade is just one type of jade classification.
What is jade. Jade is divided into nephrite and jade. Nephrite jade is translucent or opaque and comes in a variety of colors, such as Hetian jade, white jade, topaz, sapphire, black jade, etc. The so-called jade in the consumer concept refers more to the so-called jade mentioned above. Among them, the most famous one is Hetian jade.

What is jade. Jade belongs to jadeite, mostly produced in Myanmar, also known as Burmese jade. The hardness of jadeite is higher than that of nephrite, so the texture of jadeite is fine, the transparency is higher, and the color and luster are brighter. Jadeite is the king of jade and is a gem-quality jade that is widely recognized internationally. Compared with ordinary jade, jadeite has several major advantages: bright color, high permeability, high refractive index, spirituality, and scarce output. It can be said that jade is the most noble type of jade.

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Let’s talk about the benefits and effects of wearing jade?

Jade can be noble and nourish people; if you keep jade in your body, you can calm your body and mind, calm your mind and calm your mind; if you keep jade in your heart, you can be indifferent to fame and wealth, and be peaceful and far-reaching. Only when yin and yang are harmonious can the foundation of health be revealed.

Effect 1 of Dai Jade: To ward off evil spirits
Hotan jade is called "national jade". The stone with great beauty is called jade, and the jade with great beauty is Hotan. Hotan jade is a treasure among jade and has been an auspicious object since ancient times. Since ancient times, primitive ancestors have had a "mindset" towards jade and advocated "using jade to serve gods". Under the influence of primitive religion, Hotan jade has It has also been used as a sacred "sacrifice", as a medium to communicate with the gods, to offer sacrifices to heaven and earth, to pray for the blessings of the gods and to bless people; since ancient times, it has been an artifact and magic weapon to ward off evil and eliminate disasters.

Dai Jade Effect 2: Meditation
The calming and soothing functions of jade have been known since ancient times and are also recorded in medical books. At the same time, the beauty of jade lies in virtue and spirituality. Keeping jade on the body, wearing it, playing with it, or observing it quietly can make people calm their body and mind, calm their mind and calm their mind. Keeping jade in their heart can make people indifferent to fame and wealth, and be peaceful and far-reaching.

The third function of wearing jade: gathering wealth
As the old saying goes, jade must have meaning, and its meaning must be auspicious. Jade has gone through thousands of years of cultural accumulation and selection, and there have been countless jade allusions, such as Jade Pixiu and Jade Guan Gong, which are all first-class feng shui jade pieces that promote wealth. For example, Pixiu can swallow all things without ever To vent, it means receiving wealth from all directions.

The fourth effect of wearing jade: handed down from generation to generation
It is not the jade that is passed down from generation to generation, but the collection value of the jade itself. In ancient times, when a daughter got married, the mother would always dig out a jade bracelet from the bottom of the box to make a dowry for her daughter. When the daughter became a mother and had a daughter to be married, the jade bracelet was passed on to this generation. This kind of inheritance , not only the family imprint of blood is thicker than water, but also the value-added and preserved function of jade passed down from generation to generation.

The above are some of my thoughts about jade that I shared with you. I hope that friends who like jade can find a jade that they like and are destined to have. I wish everyone good luck and good luck🙏