What kind of texture of Nanhong is good Nanhong? Here comes the sixteen-word summary

What kind of texture of Nanhong is good Nanhong? Here comes the sixteen-word summary

Southern red agate, known as "red jade" in ancient times, has a fine and oily texture. It is a unique variety in my country and its output is rare. It was completely mined during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. Therefore, the price of Laonan red agate has risen sharply.

First of all, Nanhong is only found in China. The so-called African Nanhong, Mongolian materials, etc. are not in the category of Nanhong. They are all fake Nanhong.

There are three main producing areas of Nanhong: Gansu, Yunnan, and Sichuan.

The main origins of Nanhong agate distributed by Yishunyuan Foyinge are Wanannanhong and Baoshan Nanhong.

In the general industry, the colors of Nanhong are divided into: brocade red, persimmon red, rose red, cherry red, ice red (amber), flame red (cinnabar), ice drift, red and white, onion red, water Red material, persimmon yellow, etc.

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What kind of texture of Nanhong is good Nanhong? The quality of texture is an important indicator for evaluating Nanhong. Let’s summarize it in sixteen words!

The four words "body is like gelatin" vividly describe the feeling after wearing it close to the body or playing with it for a long time. In addition to its bright red color, the first impression of good southern red agate should be that it feels moist and soft when you touch it, without feeling dry or astringent. Moreover, this "fat" feeling will become more and more obvious after long-term wearing and playing.

"Single and restrained" is used to describe the luster of Nanhong. Although the color of South Red Agate is bright red, its light is restrained, not exposed, and not dazzling. It is contained within the South Red Agate, emitting a luster from the inside out. It is very different from the radiant luster of other jade such as agate or jade.

"Thick and warm" refers to its thick, fat texture and luster from translucent to slightly transparent structure. Gloss is the ability of Nanhong to reflect light. The texture of Nanhong is different, and the luster is also different. Generally speaking, denseness means strong light perception, and coarse quality means weak light perception. One significant difference between Nanhong and other agates is that other agates are bright and shiny, while good Nanhong is warm and lustrous. This texture is one of the important characteristics of Nanhong. Nanhong has a special gluey and thick feeling, which is like the texture of jade.

"Dense veins" refers to the solid and fine texture of jade. Nanhong is hard and delicate and will not bite the knife. Carvers also reported that Nanhong carvings are very different from other agates, but close to white jade. During processing, the carver feels that the material has good properties, is delicate and has a certain degree of toughness, and can display very delicate craftsmanship in Nanhong carving, and the finished product is also extremely expressive.

Another classification standard for southern red agate is to divide it into old southern red agate and new southern red agate according to the order of time. Old southern red agate is the southern red agate mined in the past. Under normal circumstances, the old southern red agate is The quality is higher, but due to the difference in production level and craftsmanship, the old Nan red agate generally has uncoordinated and imperfect shapes. However, the current craft level is developed, so the current Xinnan red agate has more craft value. .

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