Cinnabar Auspicious Ruyi lock Pendant
Cinnabar Auspicious Ruyi lock Pendant
Cinnabar Auspicious Ruyi lock Pendant
Cinnabar Auspicious Ruyi lock Pendant

Cinnabar Auspicious Ruyi lock Pendant

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  • Description

    Symbolic meaning: We often say "all things are as they should be" and "good luck" when we send blessings. Ruyi has the symbolic meaning of "as one wishes", which can meet people's requirements and symbolizes people's desire for goodness and happiness, and sends people's spirit and long-cherished wishes.  

    Fable 2: Longevity and happiness: expressing people's expectation and wish for a long and healthy life. 

    Fable 3: Family harmony and prosperity: It expresses the wish for harmony between husband and wife and family prosperity. 

    Fourth, peace and tranquility: expressing people's desire for a stable and peaceful life in modern society. 

    Fable 5: Career advancement: symbolizes people's aspiration and wish for the person's achievement and career prospects.  

    Fable 6: To ward off evil spirits and disasters: It indicates people's wish for a smooth life, good career, good health and good fortune under the protection of certain spirits.

  • Wearing Instructions

    Pregnant women and those with renal insufficiency People are forbidden to take and use cinnabar, and cinnabar sand cannot be burned with fire, because cinnabar has been exposed to Heat produces a chemical reaction that releases mercury and Other toxic substances that increase toxicity.

    Wearing cinnabar When jewelry, try not to touch it directly with your mouth Sand, basically will not be poisoned, in fact, cinnabar As long as it does not become liquid or gaseous to the human body There is no harm, or physical contact with cinnabar only If the skin is not allergic to cinnabar, it can also be Often worn cinnabar jewelry.

  • Material


  • Care

    Avoid chemicals, bathing and sleeping. Do not to wear it.

  • Weight

    around 50 grams