Cinnabar Gourd Pendant
Cinnabar Gourd Pendant
Cinnabar Gourd Pendant
Cinnabar Gourd Pendant
Cinnabar Gourd Pendant
Cinnabar Gourd Pendant

Cinnabar Gourd Pendant

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    Gourd is highly adaptable, grows well, and has round and full fruits, symbolizing the prosperity, reproduction and beauty of the family; gourd is both a food and a vessel, and its use as a container can hold and envelop, and it can be used regardless of solids and liquids, making it easy for multiple uses, carrying and storage. Gourd means smooth, wealthy and prosperous, and by its jishui and co-jishui, it represents peace keeping, world saving and longevity of health.

    Harmony of "Gourd" and "Fu Lu"
    The gourd is considered to be a symbol of good fortune, and is often used as a symbol of good fortune. The stem of the gourd is called "vine", and "vine" is harmonious with "million", which means "million generations", and represents the family It is a symbol of family prosperity and prosperity. At the same time, each mature gourd has many gourd seeds, so people associate it with "wandai", which is prosperous and auspicious. The lotus is interesting: "The fish play in the water and love the pond, while the blue leaves are bathing in the sun. I envy the dragonflies who smile at the pond and dance with their wings in the wind to smell the fragrance of the lotus." The lotus is a gentleman among flowers because of its elegance, purity and beauty, and because it is "undefiled by mud and undefiled by clean water. The word "fish" harmonizes with "yu", and the lotus flower and the swimming fish reflect each other in an elegant and fresh way.

  • Wearing Instructions

    Pregnant women and those with renal insufficiency People are forbidden to take and use cinnabar, and cinnabar sand cannot be burned with fire, because cinnabar has been exposed to Heat produces a chemical reaction that releases mercury and Other toxic substances that increase toxicity.

    Wearing cinnabar When jewelry, try not to touch it directly with your mouth Sand, basically will not be poisoned, in fact, cinnabar As long as it does not become liquid or gaseous to the human body There is no harm, or physical contact with cinnabar only If the skin is not allergic to cinnabar, it can also be Often worn cinnabar jewelry.

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  • Care

    Avoid chemicals, bathing and sleeping. Do not to wear it.

  • Weight

    around 40 grams