Bright Gold-Rimmed Porcelain Tea Set

Bright Gold-Rimmed Porcelain Tea Set

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    The product set as shown in the picture.

    Covered bowl *1
    Fair mug *1
    Tea cup *6
    Tea strainer*1
    Lid saucer *1
    This tea set is a set with a gold rim pattern. Very elegant and noble, simple and generous in design. It is a traditional handcrafted technique of Dehua porcelain firing, also known as Dehua, Fujian. The production of Dehua porcelain began in the Neolithic period, flourished in the Tang and Song dynasties, in the Ming and Qing dynasties, and developed in contemporary times. Dehua porcelain sculptures began in the Song Dynasty and have never been interrupted, forming a unique traditional craft, one of which is to use high-quality kaolin clay to shape directly, and the other is to turn the clay sculptures into moulds and then inject or top-dress them, and after drying, decide whether to glaze them according to need, and then put them into the kiln to be fired at over a thousand degrees.
    The sculpting process is delicate, slender, and realistic, and in the carving and relief decoration, the beauty of the craft and the beauty of the material are fused, presenting the temperament of the famous kiln, especially in the white porcelain products, which are thick and light, richly layered, with a creamy white glaze like gelatin and excellent translucency. Dehua ceramics have traditionally been an important export of Chinese trade, and are known throughout the world as "the treasures of Oriental art", along with silk and tea.

  • Care

    Avoid chemicals, and the porcelain can be cleaned with water or fortnightly with baking soda to reduce stains and maintain its brightness.