Cinnabar Wenchang Pagoda
Cinnabar Wenchang Pagoda
Cinnabar Wenchang Pagoda
Cinnabar Wenchang Pagoda

Cinnabar Wenchang Pagoda

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    Wenchang Pagoda symbolizes step-by-step, wisdom and knowledge. The so-called Wenchang refers to the direction that governs people's destiny, and it is called "Wenqu Star". The direction of the door is different, and the direction of the Wenqu star is also different. Wenchang is conducive to agile writing, developed thinking, high efficiency and improved performance. Yuli scholars and civilian staff will make more achievements, fame and greater career development.

  • Wearing Instructions                                                                                         Pregnant women and those with renal insufficiency people are forbidden to take  and use cinnabar, and cinnabar sand can not be burned with fire, because cinnabar has been exposed to heat produces a chemical reaction that releases mercury and other toxic substances that increase toxicity. Wearing cinnabar If jewelry, try not to touch it directly with the mouth sand, in principle, will not be poisoned, in fact, cinnabar As long as it does not become liquid or gaseous to the human body, there is no harm, or physical contact with cinnabar only If the skin is not allergic to cinnabar, it can also often be worn cinnabar jewelry.

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    Avoid chemicals, high temperature, use clean cotton cloth to wipe if dusty.

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    18 grams