Sitting on Lotus GuanYin
Sitting on Lotus GuanYin
Sitting on Lotus GuanYin

Sitting on Lotus GuanYin

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    Lotus has always been regarded as a gentleman among flowers, and it is a kind of flower that the literati in the world appreciate and love. Compared with other flowers and plants in the world, it has the excellent quality of "coming out of silt but not stained, clean and clear but not demon". Moreover, "the center is straight and the outside is straight, without vines or branches, the fragrance is far away and clear, and the pavilion is pure and planted, which can be seen from a distance but not played with. The lotus is used as a Buddha flower, which is not only in the Buddhist vow "Wish to be born in the Western Pure Land" , the nine-pin lotus is the parent. When the flowers bloom, you can see the Buddha and realize that there is no life, and the Bodhisattva will not retreat as your companion. " clearly mentions that its source can also be found in many classics.

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    Avoid chemicals, and the porcelain can be cleaned with wet soft cloth when it is dusty  or fortnightly to  maintain its brightness.

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