Cinnabar PiXiu Bracelet
Cinnabar PiXiu Bracelet
Cinnabar PiXiu Bracelet
Cinnabar PiXiu Bracelet

Cinnabar PiXiu Bracelet

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    The cinnabar content is as high as 96%, and the more there is, the brighter it is. Since ancient times, cinnabar has had the meaning of warding off evil spirits and praying for wealth. Matched with naturally carved Hetian jade animal head, old fashioned beads, cinnabar lotus and guardian totem! Carefully handmade design, chicer.Meaning is wealth and treasure! Year after year!

  • Wearing Instructions

    Pregnant women and those with renal insufficiency People are forbidden to take and use cinnabar, and cinnabar sand cannot be burned with fire, because cinnabar has been exposed to Heat produces a chemical reaction that releases mercury and Other toxic substances that increase toxicity.

    Wearing cinnabar When jewelry, try not to touch it directly with your mouth Sand, basically will not be poisoned, in fact, cinnabar As long as it does not become liquid or gaseous to the human body There is no harm, or physical contact with cinnabar only If the skin is not allergic to cinnabar, it can also be Often worn cinnabar jewelry.

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    Avoid chemicals, bathing and sleeping . Do not to wear it.

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