White Porcelain Tea Set
White Porcelain Tea Set

White Porcelain Tea Set

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    Set of products as shown in the picture, without the plate shown.
    Covered bowl *1
    Fair mug *1
    Tea cup *6
    Tea strainer *1
    Lid saucer *1

    The firing technique of Dehua porcelain is a local traditional handicraft in Dehua, Fujian. The production and production of Dehua ceramics began in the Neolithic Age, flourished in Tang and Song, flourished in Ming and Qing, and developed in contemporary times. Dehua porcelain sculpture began in the Song Dynasty and has never been interrupted, forming a unique traditional craft. One is to use high-quality kaolin to shape it directly, and the other is to turn the clay sculpture into a mold and then inject grout or rubbing. Decide whether to glaze it according to your needs, and then put it into a kiln and fire it at a high temperature of more than 1,000 degrees.
    Its kneading technology is exquisite and delicate, and its shape is lifelike. In terms of engraving and relief decoration, the beauty of craftsmanship and the beauty of materials are integrated, showing the temperament of a famous kiln, especially the white porcelain products with clear shades, rich layers, and milky white glaze, which is transparent. Very good. Dehua ceramics have always been an important export product of China's trade, and are well-known in the world along with silk and tea, and are known as "Oriental Art Treasures".

  • Care

    Avoid chemicals, and the porcelain can be cleaned with water or fortnightly with baking soda to reduce stains and maintain its brightness.