Lotus Life Daishonin
Lotus Life Daishonin
Lotus Life Daishonin
Lotus Life Daishonin

Lotus Life Daishonin

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    The Lotus Sangha, one of the greatest masters in the history of Indian Buddhism, was a native of Ujjaina, India, and the founder of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Indian Ujjaina country people, the establishment of Tibetan Buddhism, the important figure of the first phase of inheritance, Tibetan Buddhism Nyingmapa ancestor. the second half of the 8th century to Buddhism tantric Buddhism into Tibet, Tibetan Buddhism honors him as Luo Ben Rinpoche (track teacher treasure), Guru Rinpoche and (teacher treasure), Ugyen Rinpoche and (Ujjaina treasure). He is commonly known as Bai Mai Wan Nai (Lotus Life). In the eighth century A.D., Lotus Life entered Tibet and helped to formally establish the foundation for the spread of Buddhism in Tibet, and was therefore loved by the Tibetan people, who honored him as the founding father of the Tibetan Tantra, and the lineage master of the Nyingma School.

    In order to fulfill all sentient beings, the Lotus Sangha has eight transformations, which are also known as the Eight Transformations of the Lotus Master.

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    Avoid chemicals and avoid heat, scratching and impact.Dust can also be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth or soft brush

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    Height about 17 cm
    Width about 12 cm
    Front and back about 7 cm