The efficacy and meaning of amber

The efficacy and meaning of amber

Blue amber or blue amber is one of the relatively rare varieties of amber, and because it turns blue to varying degrees under daily sunlight, it is different from the warm colors of general amber such as red, yellow, brown and black, so it enjoys the reputation of collectors - " "The Smurfs" and "The King of Amber".

Blue amber refers to a collection of amber varieties that are golden yellow when illuminated by transmitted light and appear green, blue-green, sky blue, blue-violet and other colors when illuminated by natural light on a black background. The two major origins of amber are the Dominican Republic and Mexico, known as Dominican amber and Mexican amber.

The unique sky blue and blue-purple tones of Domi Blue Amber have dazzled countless people. Dominican blue amber was originally an ordinary amber in the formation. Lava flowed through the surface of the Dominican volcano tens of millions of years ago. The high temperature caused the amber buried in the formation to pyrolyze. The fluorescent substances produced in the process - polycyclic aromatic molecules were integrated into the Among amber, the unique geological conditions of Dominica at that time contributed to the formation of Dominican blue amber, giving Dominican blue amber its dreamy blue color.

Both are blue ambers. When Mexican amber is illuminated with natural light on a black background, it will usually have a distinct green tint, and the fluorescence of Mexican amber under ultraviolet light is also weaker than that of Dominican amber. This is why the price of the same blue amber is much more affordable than the multi-meter blue amber. Mexican blue amber is generally of high purity and cost-effective, and is favored by some consumers. In recent years, the price has also been trending higher.

Blue amber has the following effects:

*Analgesic and pain relief. As early as the ancient Roman wars, amber was used to treat diseases. Grinding it into powder and applying it to wounds can effectively relieve pain and relieve pain.

* Good for joints. Human joints often suffer from joint pain, cold accumulation and other problems. Using blue amber can help relieve these symptoms, activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and help treat rheumatism.

* Soothe the nerves and calm the panic

*Absorb radiation

* Helps sleep

What does it mean for a woman to wear blue amber?
When a woman wears amber, it symbolizes eternal charm. It has a strong function of warding off evil spirits and transforming evil spirits. Long-term wearing is good for health and beauty, helps blood flow and relieves aging.

Amber is also a symbol of taste and status! Dominican amber is known as the "Royal Treasure" by the public. It has a blue fluorescent reaction on a black background. It is this pure sky blue that makes it one of the most precious royal gemstones of the European royal family. Blue is also Known as "Royal Blue".

Amber is a mascot that seeks advantages and avoids disadvantages! The color of Dominican amber is also quite rich, mysteriously changing, and the colors displayed by amber are also different under different lights. This also brings people a colorful and layered visual experience, making people want to integrate their entire emotional world with it.

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