Introduction and effects of Lao San Tan

Introduction and effects of Lao San Tan
The Laosan sandalwood items sold by Yishunyuan Foyin Pavilion are all produced in India. India's "Laoshan Sandalwood" is the finest sandalwood. The characteristics of Indian sandalwood are its white to yellow color, high oil content, and long-lasting fragrance.

Laoshan Sandalwood refers to an old tree that is at least 60 years old and has been left for at least 20 to 30 years after being felled so that the wood can truly reach a mellow state. Its flavor is pure, extremely soft, warm and sweet woody. , with a hint of rose, ointment and animal fragrance, the aroma is consistent and very long-lasting.

Top-quality Laoshan sandalwood should have uniform color and fine texture. Some people think that weathered old wood from deep mountains is the best. Below are pictures of Lao Santan objects sold by Yishunyuan Foyin Pavilion to give you a detailed look. Please do not copy or borrow them. Thank you all..

The annual rings and longitudinal texture of sandalwood change from less obvious to less obvious as the tree ages. The older the tree, the less obvious the annual rings and texture. Therefore, sandalwood with obvious texture is not top-grade Laoshan sandalwood.

Laoshan sandalwood, which has moist oil and high density and can be submerged in water, can easily restore its luster by wiping it with a cloth after soaking in water. The reason is that its very moist oil and hard and heavy material make it difficult for the pores to open, which is enough to prevent water from damaging the surface gloss. If the new material sandalwood does not bring out some patina, it will be difficult to restore its luster after being soaked in water.

What are the benefits of sandalwood?

1. Wearing sandalwood products can ward off evil spirits, avoid villains, improve affinity, and have the effect of promoting career. I believe that there are many personal feelings in life. For sharp-edged people, wearing a string of sandalwood beads can greatly improve their affinity.

2. Laosan sandalwood also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, aphrodisiac, antitussive, phlegm dispelling, and body-tonifying effects. Sandalwood is extremely helpful to the reproductive and urinary system, can improve cystitis, and has blood-clearing and anti-inflammatory effects.

3. Sandalwood has unique aphrodisiac properties, which can dispel anxiety and help increase romantic mood. Sandalwood also has antispasmodic and tonic properties on the body, bringing about a feeling of relaxation and pleasure.

The quality and price of Laosan sandalwood items circulating in the market are very different. Friends who like Laosan sandalwood, please choose carefully🙏A satisfactory Laosan sandalwood item will definitely play a positive role in everyone's life and magnetic field! I hope everyone can find their own beloved Laosantan items🙏