Introduction and common effects of crystals

Introduction and common effects of crystals

A precious gift given to us by the Mother Earth. In ancient Indian culture, crystals are regarded as having life and can be used for various healings. Legend has it that the Atlanteans were good at using the power of crystals. These magical stones are also often used in magic to enhance energy.

Today I will introduce you to some basic knowledge about crystals.

1. Clean and degauss
Remember to purify your crystals before you start using them
Because crystals have the function of storing energy, the crystal you get is likely to contain the energy and memories of previous users. So you need to purify it, that is, degaussing. There are many ways to degauss. Here are some simple and easy methods.
* Water purification
Rinse with clean running water for fifteen minutes, suitable for hard crystals.
* Purification of light
Place the crystal under sunlight or moonlight to charge or purify the crystal. Sunlight exposure is not suitable for crystals that will change color under strong light.
* Purification of soil
Burying the crystal in the soil and returning it to the earth is equivalent to formatting the crystal.
*Purification of incense
Crystals can be purified with incense or incense, just place them in the scented mist for a few minutes.

2. Common crystal effects

Each crystal is like a person, with different personalities and abilities.
*White crystal
Sage in crystals is a versatile crystal that can be used to amplify or store energy. White crystal also has strong purifying power, can absorb negative energy and improve luck. Corresponds to the crown chakra or any chakra.

* Amethyst
It is more effective in improving concentration, intuition, etc. Purple is the color of magic, so amethyst is often used to develop spiritual vision and the third eye. Amethyst can be worn during exams to help gain clear thinking and judgment. It is also said that amethyst can help sleep.

* pink crystal
The energy of pink crystal can open our heart chakra, allow us to discover and be aware of more love around us, increase the frequency of love, bring a feeling of happiness, and also help us bring more love energy to others.

* Citrine
Yellow can bring positive power and give people a feeling of confidence and warmth. In addition, citrine also has the function of attracting wealth. Wearing citrine is good for attracting noble people and wealth.

Moonstone has a color like moonlight, so it is also associated with the power of the moon. Moonstone is good for strengthening intuition, balancing our inner emotions, and is also helpful for precognitive dreams.

*Blonde crystal is the top grade crystal, which means good luck and peace, and is a symbol of taste and status. It attracts wealth and energy, and also has the function of warding off evil spirits.

Different methods of use can cause the energy of crystals to operate differently.

* Wear it everywhere
By wearing it, the energy field of the crystal interacts with our own energy field. Over time, the energy of the crystal will gradually affect us to improve our own fortune and energy, but remember to demagnetize it regularly.
Precautions for wearing:
1. Wear up to three crystals on one hand, and try to avoid bumping them when wearing them with jewelry.
2. Follow the "left in and right out" principle when wearing it. Wearing a radioactive crystal on your left hand can absorb the energy of the crystal, and wearing an absorptive crystal on your right hand can absorb your own negative energy. Most crystals are suitable for wearing on the left hand.
3. Crystals should be removed when bathing, doing housework, soaking in hot springs, swimming, or applying makeup to avoid being contaminated by water vapor or chemicals.
4. Do not rub it with hard objects to prevent it from breaking.
5. Avoid contact with others that may disrupt the resonance frequency of the crystal.
6. Do not bring crystals to places with a lot of negative energy, especially white crystals, which can easily absorb the surrounding energy.