South Sea Goddess of Mercy Buddha Statue
South Sea Goddess of Mercy Buddha Statue

South Sea Goddess of Mercy Buddha Statue

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  • Description

    South Ocean Guan Yin riding the dragon in the clouds, above the waves of the South China Sea, is also known as the dragon head Guanyin. Avalokitesvara on a dragon in the South China Sea According to legend, the god of plague was responsible for the calamity in the South China Sea, the epidemic was rampant, and the people were destitute and stupid. Suan Ni, the fifth son of the Dragon King of the Sea, took the initiative to transform into Aolong and took Guanyin to the South China Sea to relieve the suffering and disasters. He accompanied her to protect the Dharma, preached the scriptures to the people on one side, and transformed the world so that people could live and work here in peace and happiness, and lead a peaceful and happy life.
    Since then, many people have made statues of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva standing on the waves at home to worship, not only to thank Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Long Wuye for their magical protection, but also to pray for no disasters and difficulties, good fortune and peace.

  • Care

    Avoid chemicals, and the porcelain can be cleaned with a damp soft cloth when dusty or every two weeks to maintain its brightness.

  • Size

    around 50cm 

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Customer Reviews

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this statue serves as a powerful reminder of the virtues

Whether you're a devout Buddhist or simply an appreciator of fine art, this statue serves as a powerful reminder of the virtues that transcend cultural and religious boundaries.

skillfully combines faith and artistry

The South Sea Goddess of Mercy Buddha Statue I recently purchased has far surpassed my expectations. This magnificent item not only brings a serene element to my room, but it also functions as an enthralling focus point that skillfully combines faith and artistry.

I strongly recommend it.

My mother adores this little statue of Guanyin that I bought for her. The statue is intricately detailed, well-made, and resembles the large one in China. Along with it was a thank-you card, a brochure, a certificate, and a complimentary incense stick. The seller was pleasant, and the delivery was quick. This is a fantastic deal on a great gift. I strongly recommend it.