Soda Glaze Kettle Set (Series 3)

Soda Glaze Kettle Set (Series 3)

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    Soda glaze is a ceramic firing process. When the soda evaporates, a special chemical atmosphere is formed in the kiln, causing a glassy glaze to form on the surface of the ceramic blank. The soda glaze is a ceramic firing method that evolved from the salt glaze. After a period of time, soda-glazed kettles can be raised with cicada-wing cracks and open flakes, are resistant to high temperatures, can soften the water, and brew sweet and soft tasting tea.  The kettle can be used on electric and ceramic stoves, alcohol stoves, mineral oil, open fires and charcoal fires.

  • Care

    Avoid the use of chemicals, rinse the tea grounds immediately after the tea ceremony to avoid uneven maintenance, and lightly toast the pot over low heat for better next use.

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