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    Manjushri, also known as, Manjushri Bodhisattva, Manjushri Bodhisattva, Wenshushri Bodhisattva, one of the Four Great Bodhisattvas of Chinese Buddhism, the left-hand Bodhisattva of Shakyamuni Buddha, representing wisdom. He is called the Prince of Dharma because he is the first of the four Bodhisattvas in Chinese Buddhism. Manjushri's name translates as "Wonderful Good Fortune" and "Wonderful Glory"; Mañju, pronounced "Manjushri" or "Manjushri", translates as "Manjushri" or "Manjushri"; and "Manjushri", pronounced "Manjushri" or "Manjushri", translates as "Manjushri". Mañju, translated as "Manjusri" or "Manjushri", means wonderful and elegant, and śrī, translated as "Shri" or "Murari", means auspicious, beautiful and solemn. Therefore, he is also known as the Bodhisattva of Wonderful Auspiciousness.
    Manjushri is a symbol of wisdom in Buddhism, and its focus on all prajna is said to be the first of wisdom. The standard image of Manjushri is riding a green lion and holding a sword (sometimes replaced by a jade ruyi for good luck), with the lion as a sign of might and the sword as a sign of wisdom. Generally, in statues, Manjushri is located on the left side of Shakyamuni Buddha as a co-conspirator, and is known as the Three Sages of the Avatamsaka Sacred Art along with Shakyamuni Buddha and Pratyekabuddha.

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    Avoid chemicals ,heat, scratching and impact.Please use a clean cotton cloth or soft brush to clean the surface dust.

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    around 1 kg 

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    Height about 17 cm
    Width about 11 cm
    Front and back about 7 cm

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