The origin and efficacy of beeswax

The origin and efficacy of beeswax

Introduction to beeswax

Beeswax, one of the organic minerals, has a greasy texture, colorful, wide range of uses and excellent value. Like other natural gems, it enjoys the reputation of "Star of the Earth".

Beeswax is dense wax, opaque or semi-opaque amber is called dense wax, tree resin liquefied fossil is amorphous, and only translucent to opaque amber is called beeswax.

Beeswax is a precious natural treasure given to mankind by nature.
Beeswax comes in many colors, depending on the mineral composition of the place where it was buried. These rare beeswaxes were formed more than 40 to 50 million years ago, and some are even more than 100 million years old. They are very rare in number and have extremely high collection value.

The colors of beeswax include egg white, beige, light yellow, chicken fat yellow, orange and other yellow-based colors. It is basically a kind of amber produced in the Baltic Sea. There are different shades of yellow. Old beeswax is usually dark brown, and some are even red. The maroon beeswax is caused by the oxidation of the outer skin of the yellow beeswax, which produces pulp and becomes darker in color. Because of this, there are many artificially processed oxidized maroon or darker beeswax on the market.

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What are the functions of beeswax?

According to reports, Russian scientists conducted a sampling study on 260 people and confirmed that after three months of wearing beeswax, it has significant effects on symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, forgetfulness, stomach pain, enteritis, rheumatism, backache, and cough. It is effective. Reached 87%.

In ancient times, old beeswax was believed to have spiritual energy that could drive away ghosts, evil spirits and harm. The ancients wore old beeswax as an object to protect themselves from evil and promote good luck. Old beeswax is also the best transporter of spirits. Regardless of your zodiac sign and age, you can wear old beeswax to ward off evil and pray for blessings.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, natural beeswax has the effect of slowing the heart rate, lowering blood pressure and stabilizing emotions on the heart of the body. In addition, everyone knows that the left hand is close to the heart. The old beeswax worn on the left hand also affects the heart the most. Because of this, everyone is accustomed to wearing the old beeswax on their left hand.

Beeswax necklaces can be good for the throat, treat pharyngitis, be beneficial to the respiratory tract, and reduce asthma. Amber beeswax is good for the skin and can treat skin diseases and promote wound healing.

Wearing amber beeswax in the mental aspect makes people feel quiet, comfortable and warm, reduces tension and fear, makes people hope and become optimistic, increases people's creativity and makes it easier to realize people's wishes. As you know, Europeans believe that dense amber can bring love, strength, luck and happiness to people, and has the functions of healing, protection and tranquility.

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