Introduction and effects of agarwood

Introduction and effects of agarwood
Agarwood is the most precious woody plant in the world. After the tree body is damaged, it produces "fragrance" to repair itself. After decades or even centuries of knotting, its unique moist soil and woody aroma is extracted. , making it a unique presence in the spice world, and there is no similar flavor in nature, so it is regarded as a scent with great personality and a better way to highlight your personal style.

Generally, you can smell the smell of agarwood in temples, because the incense used to worship Buddha is mixed with agarwood powder or agarwood essence, so anyone who has been to a temple will find the smell of agarwood very familiar.

In addition, agarwood has a unique "coolness" of wood, followed by the sweet aroma of Chinese herbs and candied fruits. What is unexpected is that as long as you taste it carefully, you can also smell the subtle sweet aroma of flowers and fruits.

Most of the agarwood products sold by Yishunyuan Foyin Pavilion originate from the Dalakan production area, which is a production area in Indonesia and belongs to the island of Kalimantan. The oil lines on the surface of the fine Dala dry agarwood raw material form a peculiar "oil flower"-like texture, which is very beautiful. Many people think it is "flower Qinnan". The fragrance is rich and creamy at room temperature, but its unique sweetness and softness can make people feel warm. The Dalagan production area is a top-grade production area. Dalagan has rich landforms and fertile mountain soil, and the agarwood produced has its unique flavor. The agarwood flavor is rich in layers, and the milky aroma has a sweet and cool flavor.

Below are some pictures of agarwood products sold by Yishunyuan Foyin Pavilion, so that you can see and understand them more intuitively. Please do not copy or borrow them. Thank you all!

The effect of agarwood

1. As a kind of jewelry, agarwood is simple, elegant, low-key and luxurious. When worn everywhere, the aroma will be emitted in waves along with the body temperature. It can not only refresh the mind and eliminate odor, but also greatly increase the charm of the wearer.

2. As a traditional Chinese medicine, agarwood has the effects of relieving qi and relieving asthma, promoting qi and relieving pain, warming and relieving vomiting. It is mainly used to treat chest and abdominal distension and pain, stomach cold, vomiting and hiccups, kidney deficiency, qi inversion and asthma, etc.

3. As a kind of incense, agarwood ranks first among all fragrances. Its aroma is elegant and charming, unique and changeable. It has various flavors such as honey sweet, cool, frankincense, floral, fruity and so on. The aroma is long-lasting and captivating. Pleasure of mind and body.

4. As a collectible, the price of agarwood has continued to rise in recent years, and the price per gram has long exceeded that of gold. As resources gradually decrease, agarwood with collectible value will become more rare, and its value will further increase in the future.

5. In addition, agarwood also has the effect of warding off evil spirits and can be placed at home or in the car. At the same time, agarwood is also a sacred object in the three major religions of Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam.

Agarwood has long been a sought-after spice. It is known as the "King of Fragrances" and is widely traded in the Middle East and Asia. Historical records from China's Tang and Song dynasties indicate that it was a highly valued commodity, and its intoxicating scent has historical connections to Buddhism, Taoism, Islam and Christianity. The price of agarwood items is also soaring every year. The blogger himself is also a lover of agarwood. I hope to help everyone find the agarwood items you like🙏Bless you all🙏