Introduction to red sandalwood and its six major effects

Introduction to red sandalwood and its six major effects
Introduction to small leaf rosewood

Small-leaf rosewood is an extremely precious wood. In ancient times, it was an exclusive furniture material for the royal family. Buddha bead bracelets made from small-leaf red sandalwood are also very popular among Buddhist bead enthusiasts. Small-leaf red sandalwood beads are made of small-leaf red sandalwood material. They are selected, cut, rounded, punched, polished and polished. , and finally form the finished beads. As the saying goes, nine out of ten sandalwood trees are empty. The diameter of the largest rosewood is only about 20 centimeters. You can imagine how precious it is. Small-leaf rosewood is a precious species among sandalwoods. It is called the "King of Woods" and was used as palace furniture in ancient times. Exclusive materials. Small-leaf red sandalwood is also the hardest wood, has a high density and is submersible.

Red sandalwood is also known as the "sacred tree". Wearing it for a long time can ward off evil spirits, bring luck, and ensure peace. In terms of health care, it is beneficial to the mediation of the liver and other internal structural functions of the body. It can also calm the mind and sleep. Buddhists have the mental aid of meditation. All the small-leaf red sandalwood sold by Yishunyuan Foyin Pavilion are genuine, and each bead is close to the full star and full oil level. I would like to share with you some pictures of several small-leaf red sandalwood items sold by Yishunyuan Foyin Pavilion. I hope that You can see it more intuitively, please don't copy or borrow it, thank you everyone.

The following is a detailed introduction to the six major effects of red sandalwood:
1. Good fortune and evil spirits
Small-leaf red sandalwood can replenish yang energy and "transform bad luck into evil spirits". It has strong functions. It is very good to wear by yourself or as a gift to relatives and friends.
2. Calming the nerves and refreshing the mind
After repeated playing, small-leaf rosewood will emit a substance called "wood energy", which is very helpful for sleeping, calming the nerves and waking up the brain.
3. Anti-wrinkle internal adjustment
Long-term wearing of small-leaf rosewood beads bracelet can promote cell regeneration and prevent wrinkles. In addition, it is also good for the gastrointestinal tract. Some people put red sandalwood chips into pillow cores as pillows, which has a good soothing effect on the gastrointestinal tract.
4. Warp away evil spirits and help luck
Wearing the bracelet on the left wrist can stabilize a person's mood and make him calm in times of trouble. Wearing it on the right wrist can turn danger into disaster, turn bad luck into good luck, and eliminate evil spirits.
5. Helps sleep
Placing beads on the pillow when going to bed can help improve sleep quality and help with meditation. It is also recognized as a sacred tree in the Buddhist community and has the effect of exorcising evil spirits.
6. Stay calm and focused
Rosewood is beneficial to the human heart, liver, kidneys and other functions. It can effectively stabilize the human brain waves, making people emotionally stable, peaceful and calm, and has the magical effect of stabilizing the mind.

The above is a general introduction to small-leaf red sandalwood. The blogger himself also loves small-leaf red sandalwood and is also a collector of small-leaf red sandalwood. Friends who like it are welcome to email it and you can share it together🙏